Eyes Of Providence takes us to a Bass-filled world with their new EP

One of EDM’s most Dynamic duos has done it again! We’re proud to present the latest sensation by Eyes of Providence, a Slamming six-track EP that will take listeners on a wild journey through floor-shaking beats and superb melody-work.

The compilation opens up with a bang in the form of “Keep The Bass” a peak hours big room club banger with a dirty trap beat designed to set off a crowd and gets fists in the air. Next, “Are You Ready” transports listeners to the main stage with dark and stormy hard dance rhythms that are sure to unite crowds with the sole purpose of moving to the beat. “Cherokee” keeps the energy alive and strong but places emphasis on soaring progressive house synths and monumental breakdowns. Follow-up track “Fighter” slams you back onto the club dance floor with tribal rhythms made to get you jumping. “Happyland” showcases the duo’s edgier side, bringing an intensity tha’s impossible to resist, before “The Rave” transports fans to a bygone era of reckless partying with its rallying vocals and its nod to the wild electro sounds of the early 2000’s.

Grab “Keep the Bass” today and hold on, as Eyes of Providence transport you to a world where the bass line rules: