Disclosure Finally Released New Material!

It’s been two years since brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, a.k.a Disclosure, have released any music. However, these two haven’t been just lounging around in the time that has passed. Disclosure has been promoting their album debut, Settle, while also picking up production credits working with friends Jimmy Soldaria and Mary J. Blige….not to mention also touring and starting their own label, Method White.

It was a great surprise when the brothers tweeted the other day with a little sneak peak of them in the studio. Fans were able to learn that the newest song in the works was titled “Bang That.” Finally, after months of waiting, the song was debuted on BBC Radio 1 Annie Mac’s radio program. So, here it is! The song that will cheer you up and make you weekend!

“Bang That”deviates a bit from the pop realm that we heard in the debut album from Disclosure and moves more toward the friendly dance tracks! Listen now to the return of Disclosure! You can download the track now on iTunes or watch the amazing release video on YouTube.

The brothers announced on their Facebook page: “As work speedily progresses on our next record, we wanted to give you guys something for the summer. Been playing this one in our DJ sets for a while now and couldn’t resist putting it up! Hope you enjoy… So much more on the way!” Disclosure fans, get ready!