Knife Party Made This Epic Remix To Pendulum’s “Blood Sugar”

Knife Party has a surprise for all its fans. This time it is a remix to “Blood Sugar”, a song from the Australian drum and bass band Pendulum.

If you have no idea what Pendulum is, this is the band that Knife Party came out of. Two of Pendulum’s original members then launched their alternate project and that’s when the world met Knife Party.

Pendulum had not released anything for a long time and recently announced that they will release a set with their 4 albums. If you are interested in “The Complete Works” that will be released on CD and vinyl, you can pre-order it by clicking here .

So to excite the fans, Knife Party made a remix of “Blood Sugar”, a track that Pendulum released in 2005 as part of an album called “Hold Your Color”.

This also means that it is very likely that we will soon be able to see Pendulum again on a tour or at festivals. In 2016 they met for the Miami Ultra and we would love it if they did it again.

Listen here to this remix and tell us if you’re encouraged to spend a good part of your check on the complete boxset of Pendulum hits: