Justin Caruso Shines With This New Remix To The Chainsmoker

Los Angeles producer Justin Caruso has a new remix for “Everybody Hates Me” by The Chainsmokers that arrives just in time for the holidays this weekend.

This is not Justin’s first remix of the Chainsmokers, he had previously made versions of “Closer” and “Until You Were Gone”. And it seems that now it has become a favorite of the duo because this is the first official remix we heard of their most recent release.

What’s more, Justin was one of the opening acts on their last tour. This helps a lot to make a good remix. Justin knows them personally and has a clearer idea of ​​how they are inspired to make music. This may be what allows you to make interesting remixes that not only the band likes but the fans too. Let’s say you have direct information from the source.

Listen to this new remix here and do not forget to add it to your list of songs to get the dance floor going.