DJ Snake Launched A Collaboration With A Hip-Hop Group From China

Our favorite French producer and DJ has a new collaboration, DJ Snake has already had a 2018 star. He started by releasing “Magenta Riddim”, then crushed the Ultra Music Festival, and then dropped a crazy collaboration with Jauz, and now he’s just dropped a new song with the Chinese hip-hop group Higher Brothers, called “Made In China”.

The Higher Brothers are part of the collective label called 88rising, and DJ Snake has partnered with them to achieve a great deal. Not to mention the fact that “Made In China” is in their native Mandarin, the track is quite lit in every sense of the word.

The fans were a little worried because after “Magenta Riddim” and “A Different Way”, DJ Snake was leaning more towards the low / pop fusion route. However, “Gassed Up” and “Made In China” do well to dispel any doubt that the Parisian phenomenon still has that fire inside him. But as we have seen again and again, his catalog is quite varied, so we should have trusted him from the beginning. The album Skin must have a special meaning for the producer.