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You Need this LED Lashes for All the Summer Festivals

Posted in May 31, 2017 by Staff

If you are thinking about what you are going to wear at the summer festivals to impress everyone, maybe these LED lashes are just what you need.

They are called F.Lashes and are false eyelashes that have LEDs that turn on and off to make you glo.

They were designed by designer Tien Pham. They are very light so they do not weigh your eyelids down, they are easy to put on and you can choose from pink, red, blue, white, yellow and green.

The incredible thing about these lashes is that they react to the movement of your head so when you dance or jump, the eyelashes turn off and on.

We do not know how comfortable they are, it you can see with them or if you get dizzy, but we can sure that at least your friends will find you easier in the crowd.

Watch the video of how they work and if you want to buy some, the Kickstarter campaign is set to launch soon.