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7 Festival fashion trends that need to die in 2016

Posted in February 9, 2016 by Jonathan Villicaña

Is it just us or are people becoming progressively braver with their festival fashion? Yes, it’s one of the greatest events you’ll attend all year, and while we’re all for creativity, there are just some trends that need to be avoided at all costs.

Here are 7 fashion fiascos that need to die in 2016!

Body builder BRO’s — We get it! You’ve spent all year at the gym and you absolutely have to show off your six-pack at Coachella. But you look like a dick. Nobody wants to have a sweaty chest up against their back when you’re out fist pumping to Skrillex.

Underwear as clothing – It’s the most inexpensive outfit you can wear but it looks trashy. Bustiers are chill but wearing a straight-up bra-and-panty set is just TOO much! You’re doing too much.

Bindis — Being culturally insensitive is not a good look. Put your crystals under your eyes or along your cheekbones! This religious symbol isn’t the fashion trend you should be flaunting.

Tutus — Just dumb. You can still wear something short and colorful and flirty without being a pixie ballerina in fetishwear.

Barefoot — Gross! You’re walking through the field barefoot and then you have to hit the port-o-potty before you catch the next set…You get the picture. Imagine the gnarly foot infection you have to deal with when you get back. Staahp!

Glitter roots — This has to be one of the dumbest trends to have ever thought of. First of all, everybody knows it’s nearly impossible to get rid of those annoying bits of shimmery nonsense. What’s with the obsession behind this dandruff-resembling trend that has hit the scene? You’re guaranteed to find some months later!

We’re sick of the headdresses, too. Find something else to put on your head!

Which awful trends are you sick of seeing??