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Things that only EDM fans can understand

Posted in October 28, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

Being an EDM fan is a very unique thing. As much as your parents or friends try to understand you, there are somethings that they will just never get why you love so much:

1.-Free downloads: It’s like everyday is Christmas when your favorite DJ makes a new remix and he gives it away.

2.-Headphones: They are a DJ’s best friend.

3.-Free tickets: Nothing makes you happier than free tickets to a party or a music festival.

3.-Going to a festival with your friends: And this is how we look like:

4.-When they don’t play “Sally” at a party: You know it’s a good party when they don’t play the same hits, like “Sally”.

5.-We will always love that friend who buys gum for everyone:

What other things do you love as an EDM fan?