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Wow, Nickelodeon is Created their own EDM Festival

Posted in January 10, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

We all love Nickelodeon, and because we grew up with it, this television channel is practically part of our family and has given us great memories and now they want to join us on our musical journey.

That’s why Nickelodeon is preparing its first music festival that will be dedicated EDM, more proof that Google is right and EDM is surpassing any genre when it comes to popularity.

The thing is, it’s not a very new idea, but it’s a renovation that Nickelodeon did where they took their annual Slime Fest and turned it into a small EDM festival, and we love watching this video with Mashd N Kutcher, one of the headliners at this party and hopefully look forward to more festivals like this where young peeps can enjoy some top music acts: