We Talked To Tiësto About His New Headphones And New Music

Posted in April 24, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

Aftercluv had an exclusive interview with Tiësto, to talk about the launch of his new headphones Club Life: 3 amazing models tailored to your EDM needs. Of course we took this opportunity to get to know more about the artists and get some top secret news about new music and the electronic music legend himself.

Aftercluv: Hi! May I speak with… Tiësto?

Tiësto: This is Tiësto, the unique and incomparable.

A: Before talking about your new headphones, we want to talk about Club Life, what is the spirit behind this brand?

T: The spirit of  Club Life, is basically a refelction of life in the clubs. It’s about the movement, incredible food, and of course being surrounded by good music and interesting people.

A: How has this way of life changed throughout your career?

T: It’s always evolving and changing. Music has suddenly evolved to have more heavy drops and it’s suddenly returning to be a little more groovy, it’s always in motion.


A: Do you think that this is reflected in your new headphone line?

T: Very well because, first of all they sound incredible. They’re amazing to listen to dance music with. There are a lot of headsets on the market, but they are not as good as these that were specifically designed to listen to this type of music. It sounds really good and they have a very cool look. They are good for exercising, and because they are soft they won’t break easily.

I think that these are the perfect headphone for your life.

A: What will your fans like more about these headphones?

T: What they will like most is the sound, the quality is really good for the price they are at. They are a great value. These are headphones that look good and sound phenomenal. I hope you like them. I have seen reactions from some fans and I think they they have really enjoyed them.


T: What are the similarities and differences between your headphones?

A: The major different is the fineness that they have. Adagio are a little bit more luxurious, but all of they have incredible quality. The headphones are made of different materials, and the more expensive ones have a slightly different range in dynamic sound. In addition, the Adagio has one of the most unique sound systems in the world.

A: What albums or songs are you listening to with your Club Life headphones?

T: I don’t listen to a lot of album, but I listen to a lot of Spotify when I’m exercising and I also like to listen to Club Life Afterhours, which I listen to deep house. Also, The Weeknd, Drake, or Florence + The Machine all sound good.

A: Where do you imagine Club Life goes as a brand? What other products would you like to launch?

T: I’d like to do new thing. I want Club Life to be a lifestyle brand that can do almost anything to do with music, clubs, fashion, and travel. I started with headphone, and might create a couple of t-shirts. I want to do it little by little and ensure that they are products that I would want to use myself.

A: Tell us about your collaboration with the mysterious KSHMR…. How did you meet?

T:Kshmr is very mysterious. I met him in Los Angeles through a mutual friend. He made pop songs in the past, and talking we thought that we could make something special for my sets. We took the vocals from VASSY and put the pieces together. It was a lot of fun.

A: What else can you tell us about the mysterious KSHMR?

T: He is a very mysterious person that has a very different perspective on music and the way in which it is expressed. He is a very nice guy, very chill, somewhat introverted, but it’s always nice to be with him.

A: What’s your opinion on the new streaming service of Jay Z, Daft Punk y Calvin Harris: Tidal?

T: I think that is will be good for many artists, just as Spotify is good for other artists. It’s a good thing for everyone.

A: Music festivals are increasingly becoming more like each other. What do you think they need to do to make people attend year after year?

T: I think that’s the biggest challenge, but it has to be resolved. It’s a great question, but I don’t have the answer. It has to evolve because we don’t want the public to get bored. It’s like being an artist, if you always play the same music your audience is going to get bored. If you evolve and bring something new and fresh, people are going to be more interested in you.

A: EDM also seems to have reached a limit in its culture and massive growth…do you think there are still boundaries that can be explored?

T: I don’t that that EDM has reached that point yet. There is always something new happening with dance music. For example, deep house is now becoming more popular, and now we have tropical house with Kygo. People want to hear new music, but DJ’s and producers are too scared to touch the new genres. They prefer to play something safe. We need pioneers to evolve the scene. 

A: If you could have another job for a day what would it be?

T: I’d love to be a pilot. I’d fly my own plane or even a helicopter. It would be pretty cool to fly around the world.

A: What are three things you can’t live without?

T: I can’t live without my laptop, it has everything on it. It’s the most important thing. Outside of that I don’t really need much. I am pretty easy to keep happy. Clothes, my headphones, I can’t live without them.

A: If you could have been in any film which one would you pick?

T: I would have liked to be in Interstellar, that would have been incredible. I enjoyed that movie a lot.

A: Do you have some new music coming out?

T: Mmm… I have a new song with Martin Garrix about to drop, I have a couple of other things coming out this summer… so it’s going to be a great summer.