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3 of Skrillex’s Favorites have a Collaboration that is Fire for the Dancefloor

Posted in April 11, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

The world of Bass was shocked when Kill The Noise dropped a bomb last night, and if you don’t already know, sit down, because you may fall over with the news. The dub star dropped news of collaborations in preparation between him and three other of music’s favorite acts. Kill The Noise released a Twitter image with their logo alongside those of Skrillex, Seven Lions and Snails, and captioned the post with “Two of these collaborations will be coming soon …”

Although it is not strange to hear that Kill The Noise is working with these big names, these three collaborations will surely be a dream come true for any headbanger.

So get ready to shake bass jewels that get this festival season bumping. Could Skrillex highlight this collaboration at the Coachella afterparty?