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Serato’s new app will leave many DJ’s unemployed

Posted in February 14, 2016 by Jonathan Villicaña

OMG! This new app will not make things easy for new DJ’s who play at bars or parties. Serato has just released a new app called Pyro that will actually leave many of them unemployed. This app contains an algorithm that searches among your songs to make the perfect mix with them. Pyro analyzes the BPMs and the structure of each song to pick the ideal moment to mix them together, just like a DJ.

This is not all, if Pyro is unable to find a perfect song to mix, it can connect to Apple Music, Spotify or other music services to find the one that can keep up the beat. This is just too good to be true!

So maybe this is a good time for all DJ’s to start learning how to produce some tracks because soon enough mixing songs will not be enough.