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5 Latino Producers you have to Listen to Before the year’s End

Posted in December 27, 2018 by Jonathan Villicaña

This has been THE year for these producers, so you have to give listen to them now:

5.-Poncho: More than a producer, this is the work of 3 renown Argentine musicians who gave us an amazing album of the finest Spanish house:

4.-Sanfuentes: From Chile, and half of Surtek, they’ve conquered us with their betas that are on the front lines of house and techno:

3.-Kika: This girl, who recently sang for the Aftercluv Dancelab, will get you dancing, lend and ear or two to her sets:

2.-Jessica Audiffred: This Mexican conquered OWLSA and launched an official remix with Marshmello, we’re sure next year will be an even bigger year:

1.-Tom & Collins: This Maxican duo took home the greatest award after they got everyone dancing from the Grammy’s in Las Vegas to the Olympics in Brazil:

Who was your favorite producer this year? Let us know.