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This 11 Year Old Producer Is Getting Attention From Flume

Posted in April 15, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

It seems like the best DJ’s just keep getting younger and younger! With fresh new talent like Madeon and Martin Garrix completely dominating the EDM scene right now you have to ask how these talents are learning so quickly. Well, now there is a new producer that is getting some attention named Rhys aka Black Summer…..and he’s only 11 years old. That’s right, since he was 10 years old he has been grabbing the spotlight in his hometown for being the youngest producer, but now he’s making more waves. After being submitted for events like Clevelander for Beatgasm during Miami Music Week, this 11 year old producer is blowing everyones’ mind.

Triple J, an Australian music website, named Rhys the ‘Youngest Producer in Australia,” and created a video showing the thought and life of this bright, young talent. Aiden talks about his family and the attention that has come from all of this. One artist that has taken note on Rhys is Flume who encourages him to continue experimenting with new sounds. Pretty encouraging for an 11 year old, right?