panda pon

Here’s the premiere of “Panda Pon” the new Topo La Maskara & MC Fioti big hit

Posted in March 14, 2019 by Jonathan Villicaña

The urban music scene From Dominican Republic has given us the talented singer and producer Topo La Maskara, who adds the talent of the baile funk hero, MC Fioti, to bring us “Panda Pon” a mega hit that will conquer 2019 and dominate the dance floor all around the world.

Topo La Maskara is the mastermind behind greatest latin hits such as “Tu Maldita Madre,” “Scooby Doo Papa,” “Sin Querer Queriendo,” and many more that have made everyone vibrate with their Latin power that is now so hyped, while MC Fioti is in your top of mind with the mega hit “Bum Bum Tam Tam” with urban big star J Balvin.

The union of these two unstoppable forces can only give us good news and “Panda Pon” is the great tune that will make everyone dance this year, the song comes with a wonderful video clip that follows a friendly character in a panda mask around the streets of Brazil, while he invites the people to dance and go crazy with the rhythm of the song sharing good vibes.

Play now “Panda Pon” and enjoy, because quite soon this hit will sounds everywhere.