This New Platform Will Connect You With DJ’s All Around The World!

Posted in April 19, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

If you are a producer this article might make our day! Have you ever started to compose tracks and get stuck? A team in Mexico might have exactly what you need. A new platform will now allow you to collaborate with people all around the world! Say goodbye to being brain dead and wanting another opinion of your track really is amazing.

Wavestack is the newest platform that will help music creators collaborate with talent anywhere around the world. Users are able to send files to each other to create new tracks. This can solve all of producers problems in an instant.

For all musicians, Wavestack will allow users to keep all of their recording sessions synchronized and be compatible for all audio editing softwares. Working from home has never been easier with the ability to manage changes to their projects, add new collaborators to see what they have created, and preview the song online before they mix it.

The best part about Wavestack is that once an artist is ready to debut their creation online fans will be able to interact with the music online. Get ready to collaborate with people all around the world. For more information go to the official website for more information.