Deadmau5 Trolls Again At Glastonbury

Posted in June 29, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

Deadmau5 is having an interesting festival season. His previous performances this season all included a break where Joel steps down from his set to take a quick break and interact with fans. The last time we saw this was during his set at in Chicago a few weeks ago.

Deadmau5 decided to have the same kind of fun during his set at Glastonbury. The festival, which houses 175,000 people per day, got to see Joel up to his crazy antics again during his set. While playing his track “See Ya” deadmau5 jumped down from the turntables to chug a beer jump off stage to hand a security guard a drink, and fumbled trying to get back on stage. This is such a interesting and entertaining set. Take a break and watch the video below.

It would be nice if Joel Zimmerman let us know what he is actually up to. Is he just getting bored of playing or is he staging the biggest prank in festival history? Let us know what you think about these beer breaks.