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Fans say Skrillex is about to Release an EP

Posted in January 9, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

Reddit is where all Skrillex fans gather to share their opinions, things that have leaked and the best gossip, many are a lies, but much of it becomes reality, anyway only the true fans can be found here.

The new rumor? That Skrillex fans have uncovered the art of what could be an EP that they think will be released this year, the rumor started because fans saw at the December 30 show within the stage visuals an image very similar to the cover of the 2013 EP Leaving.
That’s why they think that this is the continuation of that EP, just look at the art of that EP below:

And now see a visual record of Sonny Moore’s show at the Echostage in Washington DC and give us your opinion, is this just a theory or is there really be a new EP?