Krewella desconectadas

What Happened To Krewella? Were They Not Connected During Their Set?

Posted in March 31, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

The sister duo, Krewella, performed this past weekend at Ultra Music Festival, and their number one hater, deadmau5 pointed out something that seemed pretty fishy- they were not connected to the turntables during their performance. Could this be true?

YouTuber, Cristian Jackson, has made a channel that documents the festival season and tries to expose DJ’s that are not connected to their equipment or are using pre-recorded materials for their shows. The latest video contains footage from Krewella’s set that deadmau5 then tweeted to share with his fans showing that the duo was not pluged into their equipment during their recent performance. Deadmau5 also added to the flame by tweeting “EDM protip: if you’re going to make a group / trio act… don’t fire the guy who actually does shit.” Krewella defended their performance by tweeting a photo of the equipment that was connected with USB’s.

The real question is, did the sisters really fake playing a set? We will let you be the judge by watching the video of their performance.

It’s also important to note that deadmau5 is also notorious for his pranks, check out his twitter to see his response to Krewella saying they were playing with USB connection.