These Were Our Favorite People from Ultra Mexico

Posted in October 9, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

The weekend we were at the first Ultra Mexico, a unique party and an impeccable production that we had never seen in our country. We were left with an open mouth to see Resistance stage function during the night when it was mega point.

The music was what made this party, but beyond that we were the people, and that’s why we made this gallery with some of our favorite people from Ultra Mexico:


-The Aztec of “Dance with The Devil” must be very proud of his legacy:

This futuristic Apache was well prepared for the cold:

Unicorns made an appearance at all the stages:

It seems that we have a real beer fan:

This kind of cyberpunk jellyfish was amazing:

When night fell we envied these rabbits and their soft and warm fur:


But out of everything, this T-Rex was the best: