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Watch These Documentaries If You Want To Know Everything About Electronic Music

Posted in March 17, 2019 by Jonathan Villicaña

Take advantage of your Sunday and look watch these documentaries right now on the net ::

-Sub Berlin: The Story of Tresor: This is the story of the club that changed everything, Tresor is the forerunner of Berghain, the club you have to go to in your life if you love techno.

-DnB 1996: A jewel that narrates the origins of Drum & Bass, the first musical style of electronic made 100 in the UK, and you have to see it because this sound is so current that you will not notice much of a difference with what was done 21 years ago. [/ embed]

-Hi Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music: This is the true history of techno, and yes, techno was born in the US, not in Berlin, as it is wrongly believed, if you want to discover the true story and give it a watch. [/ embed]

-Modulations: A good portrait of the electronic music scene, that’s how things were with dance music, before the arrival of Electronic Dance Music. [/ embed]

-Music is my Drug: This is the story of Psy Trance: [/ embed]