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5 Major Fails From DJ Live Performances

Posted in March 3, 2019 by Jonathan Villicaña

We all make mistakes, including DJ’s. However, when we make a mistake we usually are not on stage in front of hundreds of people. While some mistakes are just funny and we can laugh at ourselves, others are just unforgivable. Watch these five fails that have happened to DJ’s while performing.

5. Let’s start with Flosstradamus, who has some technical problems while performing. Whoops, now that’s embarrassing.

4. White Parties are usually supposed be to classy and flawless. Well, Tiësto had a little problem staying clean while mixing two songs during this embarrassing performance.

3. One of our favorites involves Skrillex and Deadmau5. You will never guess what happens to Skrillex’s laptop during this performance.

2. Skrillex might be the most unlucky DJ out there. You have to watch what happened during this live performance.

1. Of course the worst fail had to come from none other than….Paris Hilton. Do we even have to explain this?