Are DJ’s Salaries Causing Festivals To Shut Down?

Posted in April 4, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

It is no secret that many of your favorite DJ’s are getting paid a fortune for a single performance. If you want to know exactly how much they are getting paid just look at this Forbes article to see for yourself. There is no doubt that they are working hard to create music that we all enjoy, but are their fees now hurting the festivals?

The First festival that took a hard hit was Future Music in Australia, which will no longer be in production in 2016. According to a local Australian report the main reason why it has to shut down the popular festival was because DJ’s prices have skyrocketed and were too much to book.

Hopefully more festivals won’t have to do the same because they can’t afford to bring in the big names that we are all expecting to see. Is there a ways to keep paying these artists their top price while maintaining a new experience for concertgoers?