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DJ Snake Pranks Dillon Francis At Ultra!

Posted in March 29, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

Everyone in the World is watching Ultra Music Festival either by being at the festival or watching the live stream. One of the best performances so far has come from DJ Snake, which contained an amazing set along with a prank on his friend Dillon Francis.

Dillion is known as a prankster as well as one of the best DJ’s around. His jokes can be very crass, sarcastic, and sometimes they go a little to far. So, what did he do this time at Ultra? He put the personal phone number of Dillon Francis on the screen during his show!

Francis reacted by tweeting a screenshot of his phone, which has 1,047 messages, 184 Whatsapp notifications, and 574 calls. Francis will definitely have to change his number after this. Everyone now has access to his phone number! DJ Snake, you better be prepared for payback!