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DJ Snake Finally Releases The Video for “Magenta Riddim”

Posted in April 12, 2018 by Staff

DJ Snake realized his dream of being a Bollywood star in the new official video for his hit “Magenta Riddim”.

The video was released just yesterday and there is enough to tell you that there were fans who spent all day in front of their computers waiting for the moment when the video was online (yes, we we’re those fans).

The fun video includes lots of dancing, many colors and DJ Snake acting as a general who makes an agreement with the leader of this region to make everyone happy with a little party.

This is by far the most liked video from DJ Snake and there are those who think it’s the best of the year, like Malaa and DJ Snake himself:

We do not know if it’s the best of the year but we assure you that you will see it more than once and that you will learn some steps to show for on the dance floor when “Magenta Riddim” plays.

Our favorite part? When they avoid a crash with a toothpick. Yes, you read correctly.

Take a look at this recorded wonder in the city of Hyderabad in India: