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These were your favorite DJ’s first names

Posted in March 10, 2019 by Jonathan Villicaña

It is very common for DJ’s to have an alias as their stage name. It can either be a short version of their names or some different name, like Calvin Harris or even something funny. So here are some DJ’s that tried with different names until they found the one they liked:

1.-Deadmau5 – Halcyon411: Joel Zimmerman is world famous for his alias deadmau5 but this has not been always his name. His original name, Halcyon411, started after playing with Ritchie Hawtin at Testpilot.

2.-DJ Snake – Logan DeGaulle: William Grigahcine, before being the super star he is now and before working with Diplo on “Lean On”, used to sign his remixes with the name Logan DeGaulle.

3.-Avicii – Tim Berg: AVICII’s real name is Tim Bergling and when he started his music career, he used to sign his tracks under this name by he later found out that there was another user with the same name on MySpace, so he decided to change it to avoid any confusions.

4.-FLUME – HEDS This genius also started on the times of MySpace and back then he used to play chill out music under the name Heds.

Which other stories of DJ names do you know?