Coachella streaming

Go Inside The Three Day Coachella Music Festival

Posted in March 31, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

Are you ticketless for 2015 Coachella? Don’t worry! We will take you inside the three-day festival so that you don’t have to miss anything from Coachella weekend. This festival will be incredible. So, how can you be a part of it if you don’t have a ticket? Easy! You will be able to access the official live stream of Coachella 2015!

That’s right; Coachella will have an official live stream that will allow you to switch between stages. Now you don’t have to miss a single minute and get the full coverage of the festival. Not having to run from Sahara Tent to Main Stage could be the best thing ever! Being able to watch Coachella in real time is such a treat!

If you are asking why we think this is the best live stream just watch the video below.