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Armin van Buuren is Now Following in the Footsteps of deadmau5

Posted in December 5, 2017 by Staff

Armin van Buuren is now following the steps of deadmau5 to make his own music production course online and now we can learn know his secrets.

deadmau5 was the first member of the electronic community to do a course for MasterClass. MasterClass is a site where you can find courses from the best of each field to learn new things.

You can learn to make music for movies with Hans Zimmer classes or let Stephen Curry teach you his basketball secrets or even Marc Jacobs to teach you fashion.

Now, Armin van Buuren will premiere a course to teach you everything he knows about dance music so that after watching all the classes you can take your productions to the next level.

A MasterClass course costs 90 dollars and consists of more than a 20 hours of lessons. Once you buy it is yours forever and contains a workbook with Armin tracks for you to practice.

And well, like any teacher, he and his team will review the work of the students and give comments.

So you know what to ask for this Christmas … If you are interested in taking the course, the class is already open here .