Damn, Netflix Will Soon Have Ads

Posted in June 4, 2015 by Jonathan Villicaña

Netflix has an important announcement to make. You might not like it, but before you start kicking and screaming just stay calm.

It seems that Netflix is about to start showing promotions before your show comes on. Well, at least it’s thinking about doing this. It will not be as bad as seeing advertisments because these promos are only show recommednations of shows produced by Netflix. They have to market themselves at some point, right?

Netflix recently talked to Gizmodo about the situation and said:

“The company is only showing trailes for shows like Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards- it has not attempted to sell third party ads, and the company told me that, for the moment, only specific users in specific markets are seeing ads.”

Hopefully this is not a sign of an end of an era of Netflix with no ads. This is why most of us have left broadcast television. We hate ads. We are impatient.