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Avicii’s New Documentary is About to Come on Netflix!

Posted in November 4, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

Avicii’s retirement from the scenarios is still fresh in many of our minds since it was not long ago (March 2016), but since then the Swedish superstar has been busy with new music and even a documentary. True Stories was released to 600 screens in only 40 countries, so its presence was very limited.

Fortunately, if you did not catch the movie, you can turn to Netflix for that. Avicii shared the news that True Stories would be available on the streaming giant through its radio program Avicii FM.

“I’m releasing my documentary this weekend … Levan [Tsikurishvili], who is the director of the documentary, has followed me for the past four years, I think it’s been four or five years. What happened backstage at concerts, during good times and bad times, I’m really excited, I’m also a bit nervous because sometimes it’s hard, it’s very personal, there’s a lot of ups and downs, it’s interesting to see what people are saying. it’s going to be in a lot of cinemas and also on Netflix after that. ”

There are still no comments about the movie on Netflix, but we hope it’s sooner rather than later! In hopes that it’ll be sooner rather than later, watch the movie trailer: