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5 French House Projects That You Will Love

Posted in May 23, 2017 by Jonathan Villicaña

We all miss Daft Punk and although they haven’t given us more new music or shows, but to stay on top of the French house scene we’re giving you 5 projects that you will love if you’re a fan of Daft Punk.

5.-Polo & Pan: In 2014 the DJs and producers Polocorp and Peter Pan joined to create a new project that will stun you, with disco influence, fine house, it’s pure French elegance made into music.

4.-Rone: In 2009 he debuted with Spanish Breakfast and got the attention of greats like Jean-Michell Jarré with whom they collaborated in 2013.

3.-Jacques: Born in Strasbourg this producer has given a super cool twist to French house that you will not believe he’s evolved by taking a fabulous journey.

2.-Bleu Toucan: Can you imagine what would happen if The XX and Daft Punk made a band? Well, they’d sound like Bleu Toucan:

1.-L’Impératrice: This project is a great example of when electronic music that speaks to you, and sets France apart. A mix of house, lounge and that will make you shake your head while the house lovers will dance without care.

So stop missing Daft Punk and know more about the current French scene.