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5 Things you Need to Learn from Tiësto to be a Superstar

Posted in April 7, 2019 by Jonathan Villicaña

If you want to own the music scene learn how you can follow in the footsteps of Tiësto.

5.-Be humble: You never see Tiësto showing off his millionaire life, he stays focused on his work and doesn’t need anything and everything to be happy.

4.-Teach the newbies: We all started from the bottom, help those willing to learn like Tiësto did with Martin Garrix and Hardwell.

3.-Learn from the newbies: After teaching the newbies on the scene, learn from them and the new things they are doing, it will help you always stay fresh and challenged.

2.-Share what you know: One amazing thing about Tiësto is that he is always down to help others learn how to make their tracks even better.

1.-Respect your fans: You never see him punch a fan on the Tomorrowland stage.

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