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5 Chicks you have to Meet that will get you Dancing

Posted in December 2, 2018 by Jonathan Villicaña

We love sharing new music and that’s why we want to share these 5 chicks that will get you dancing, we guarantee it:

Aquí está tu oportunidad para pasar el verano en la playa y vivir la mejor fiesta de tu vida.

5.-Cray: With a residency in Los Angeles, this Canadian is about to be the newest sensation:

4.-Jessica Audiffred: It’s been a hot since we’ve covered this Mexicana, who is gaining more global recognition, You’re going to love her remix in Darkoteca from The Wookies.

3.-Jess Bauer: We’re calling it– this girl is about to be the next big thing from Australia.

2.-Rezz: Another Canadian getting clubs bumpin’ on the north end of the continent, with base and trap beats.

1.-Whipped Cream: Part of Nest HQ taking lots of note from the 90’s with tropical touches mixed with trap and dubstep bases very pre Skrillex.