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5 Female DJ’s in Latin America that will Steal your Heart

Posted in June 9, 2016 by Staff

There is talent in every corner of the world and Latin America continuously proves we have some of the best, and even though we’re always saying there needs to be more women on the electronic music scene, we’re about to school you on these 5 female DJ’s who are killing it in our area:

5. -Romina Cohn: Apart from being a DJ, she is a screenwriter, film director, and a composer of electronic music, whose origins are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at 11 years old, played with Technics turntables inherited from her cousin, and today – BAM – she’s on fire:

4.-Flor Capistran: A model for American Apparel and resident of the best clubs in Mexico, part of the Sicario family Phisica, ha probado suerte con varios duos de DJ con otras chicas y también le gusta producir sus propias canciones.:

3.-Lektra Fire: From Medellin, Colombia, this girl is somewhere between house and techno house, and she ranks high in the list of the top DJ’s within the country. She started to DJ at 16, and she’s played at some of the most important discotheques in countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

2.-EsaMiPau: A lover of tribal and new world beats, this Mexicana has graced the dance floors of New York to the Islands of Eurasia.

1.-Yoan Lokier: a girl genius when it comes production in between Berlin and Barcelona, and applies a dark base to techno and house that has gotten half the world dancing.