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5 Electronic Songs that Reinvented Pop

Posted in November 11, 2018 by Jonathan Villicaña

In the last two years we’ve seen everywhere a hybrid of music that weaves the latest styles of electronics with current pop, but this is nothing new and we will always prove in electronis can reinvent and help us rediscover pop. And to open your eyes to this we giving you 5 examples:

5.-I Get Deep by Roland Clark: This mega hit is a deep cut, everyone knows of its existence by how it has been used but it is not very popular, you can find it in “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry, “Star 69 “By Fat Boy Slim and even in” They Know “by Autoérotique, put the song at the 2:03 minute and discover this sampler:

4.-Lady (Hear Me Tonight) from Modjo: A mega French house classic, all those over 30 have heard it at least once in their life, a hit that broke out on the dance floor and now is used by < Austin Mahoe and Pitbull , that’s after Coolio sampled it before.

3.-I’ll Take Care Of You by Gil Scot Heron: It was born as a blues song but Jamie XX reinvented it for its reversal of the album I’m New Here , after Diplo reused that version and made it a hit for Drake and Rihanna.

2.-I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred: A hit from the last decade of the last century that was immortalized for our generations thanks to Taylor Swift, but that was not the first or the last person to sample it, among the list is also Sugababes and Inna.

1.-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger de Daft Punk: No doubt Kanye West could not have conquered the world with “Stronger” without sampling Daft Punk, who at that same song used a sampling of “Cola Bottle Baby” by dwin Birdsong.

We leave you the original so you to find the sample.